Rules & Regulation 

Rules for living in Moksha

·       In the Moksha  Meditiation Welfare Society, the aim of Moksha  Old Age Home is to serve the elderly people with honor in such a manner  that their experience of life could be spread in the young generation and the  society as a whole. For fulfillment of the above goal, the Society has to  search the field of interest of each and every inmate and the knowledge and experience  will be utilized in education like teaching of students, writing of articles   etc. Those inmates who are having interest in different designs such as fine  art, costumes and other items, shall be utilized for the developments of those  fields. For the above activities no any fee will be given to inmates by theSociety.

·       At the time of  admission, an affidavit duly signed by the notary to the following affect shall  have to be submitted: -

·       Declaration of Age.

·       Declaration of permanent  address.

·       Non - use of drugs,liquor, intoxicants.

·       Free from any  contagious & serious diseases such as Cancer, T.B, Mental illness, and HIVPositive etc.

·       The Ashram has full  discretion to shift any inmate to any room, as per requirement of the Ashram.

·       If any inmate is  requested to leave the MOKSHA MEDITIATION WELFARE SOCIETY, he / she will not  have any objection.

·       The inmate would be  allowed to keep with him /her minimum luggage preferably up to two  suitcases.

·       No inmate shall be  allowed to keep fire arms or weapons with him / her  inside the Ashram.

·       Food i.e. morning tea,breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner will be served at the fixed hours only  in the dining room. Room service will be allowed only for sick inmates and to  those who cannot walk.

·       If any inmate wishes  to donate his / her body parts such as eyes, kidneys etc. or the body on  his/her death in the Ashram, the same should be declared before hand so that  the Ashram may take appropriate action in time.

·       It is to be understood  that neither any inmate nor a donor enjoys any proprietary or other right(s),title or interest in respect of any room or over any part / portion of the  properties of Moksha Meditation Welfare Society or the Ashram.

·       A key to the room  allotted to any inmate must at all times be made available to the management.If any inmate fails to do so, the management reserves the right to forcibly  enter the locked premises if situation warrants so. No discussion, verbal or  written, will be entertained on the subject.

·       It will be the  responsibility of every inmate to take care of his / her personal articles and  belongings and the Management will not be responsible for the loss of any such  article or belonging.