Moksha Old Age Home is be supported by the kind hearted people of the society and will run independently, only through donations.

Donations may be in all forms which our respected donors like:
1. Adoption of Inmates 
2. Salary of employees 
3. Regular donations

Alsodonate on the occasion like : 
1. On your success or success of any of your family members. 
2. On Birthday 
3. On Marriage Anniversary 
4. Festivals


You can adopt one or more destitute old by paying 3000 per month or 36000 per annum. Moksha Vridh Ashram (old age home) is totally depended on donations , though we are not getting any financial support from the government yet we are running the old age home for destitute and sick old people in India totally free of cost through only donations.

We request to the kind hearted people to come forward and help these helpless old by adopting one or more inmates of these old age home. By donating 3000 per month per person, or 36000 per annum per person.


Moksha Meditation Welfare Society

Bank Name

Axis Bank



Account No.



Red Square Market, Hisar

You can also adopt them for a day “Goud Naama for one day” cost 4100/-

For the present strength a days food sponsorship will be Rs. 2100/- (part sponsorship for Lunch/ Dinner can also be done) and sponsoring expenses of grandpa/grandma at Rs.3000 per month.

If you wish to contribute to Moksha Vridh Ashram, you can sponsor birthdays, weddings, other events and also in memory of departed loved ones